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My younger sister Dona and I were standing in the lobby of the nicest hotel I had ever seen. I was 22 years old at the time and she was 19; neither of us were that worldly. It was August of 1974 and our father had just exchanged wedding vows with his second wife at the … Continue reading

Self Forgiveness

In Junior High school, I was included in a group of perceived “popular kids.” One of our classmates was bullied and ostracized by many, including our group. I felt very bad for her at the time and while I did not participate in the bullying, I ignored her (as well as my feelings).


Our dog Happy does not know that he is a dog. As we walk through the neighborhood and as other dogs come rushing over to greet us, Happy shows no indication to these alien creatures that he has any intention of being playful.


The word ‘smooth‘ can, like most words, take on such personally repulsing or lovingly representative measures of the many transitions in the lives of those around us. Sayings like “He is a smooth operator; Smooth move, Dork!; Smooth and creamy; Smooth talker; Smooth sailing;”, e.g.. When I write, being truthful about the process, I labor over choosing the … Continue reading

Early Head Apparel – the Child Hood

The hood we have reluctantly allowed to be placed over our pates as children has stifled the innate curiosity  born in every man, woman and child. Occasionally, in remote parts of each of the millennial kingdoms, there have been resurgences of castoffs: those of us that have cast off our hoods soon, or in some cases not so soon, after a child’s world and before slipping into … Continue reading

House of My Dreams

 An eleven minute video of the house of my dreams A few years before my husband Wayne died in 1991, he asked what sort of house I would like for him to build me. Being 14 years my senior, he was sure that I would outlive him and wanted to leave me the house of … Continue reading