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I Am Enough

To the outside world, my 64 years of life may look as if they have been aimless, but I have enjoyed all 23,360 days that make up those years. My father used to ask, “What are you going to be when you grow up, Barbara?” I never knew how to answer that question, because I felt it was not so much of an interested inquiry, as it was an indication of his disappointment in my lifestyle.

I was age 43 the last time he asked me that question and when I found the gumption to answer his query. I smiled and looked lovingly into his eyes and said, “Dad, I am a virtuous person with many friends across all strata, I rank my company equal to the best that came my way, and I am a kind person. I live my life from a place of inner joy. I am enough.”             

My father is 90 years old now and in a state of advanced dementia. He does not know who I am or what I have done with my life, but he smiles when he sees me coming.

Happy Father’s Day!

About Barbara Duncan Mathies

Owner of the French Lick Dome - Lodge & Retreat Center A 5 bedroom, 6 bath home on 22 acres A place to regain your health - both mental and physical


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