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Early Head Apparel – the Child Hood

The hood we have reluctantly allowed to be placed over our pates as children has stifled the innate curiosity  born in every man, woman and child. Occasionally, in remote parts of each of the millennial kingdoms, there have been resurgences of castoffs: those of us that have cast off our hoods soon, or in some cases not so soon, after a child’s world and before slipping into the senility of an advanced  adult’s world.

At first, we started removing the mandatory “hood” in solitude and secrecy. Daring to break free of the monotonous routines, but only with a select group of likeminded bloggers within the Realms of WordPress. Free from the confines of the Hood, seeing clearly now, allows us to bring to the forefront the creating of words and thoughts which we were meant to expound.

Off with our binding child ‘hoods’, off with our fettering adult ‘hoods’: let those scalps breathe free. Write on fellow WordPressians!

About Barbara Duncan Mathies

Owner of the French Lick Dome - Lodge & Retreat Center A 5 bedroom, 6 bath home on 22 acres A place to regain your health - both mental and physical


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