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The Power of Love and Forgiveness

Belmont, California is a quaint town just twenty miles south of San Francisco. On January 18th of the year 2005, started out as just another rainless day. The drought situation was on the minds of Ruth Hume’s neighbors, and the main topic of their conversations. She, however, was concerned about the massive amount of blood she saw … Continue reading Continue reading

Words Hurt

May of 1966 started out with such promise. I had just graduated with honors from Junior High school and was chosen to give the commencement address. Springtime in Southern Illinois, in my memory has the smell of freshly mown lawns and a hint of impending rain. Toward the end of May and through the month … Continue reading

The Grotto

In the early 1970’s, I had moved to a small riverboat town on the Mississippi River with a population of about one-thousand. When the river barges stopped for repairs, the population grew by at least one-hundred. I was 22 years old at the time and was drinking beer quite excessively.

Adolesense & Attitude

As a 13-year old girl, I started dancing in my room while no one was watching. I was coming out of my tomboy years, more out of necessity than desire; I had developed huge breasts. In Jr-High, I was chosen as cheerleader at the try-outs. It was apparent that I did not get votes for … Continue reading